Liar’s Dice

We adopted obscure philosophies
To justify a simple existence —
”I know it’s all been said before … ”

Faces are numbered and ranked.
I fear the question looming
Behind every pair of eyes;

A question of honesty or self –
– collusion, of feeling, meaning,
Characters peeling in time

And so I lift a heavy cup,
Pull down my cap and visor,
Leave and re-enter the room.

Language Has Revealed Itself
I hold my eyelids apart,
Exposing a widened eye
To the tip of a playful flame.

Language has revealed itself to me
To be as ambition is to the lover,
As love is to the young and untested.

It will serve me, It will betray me,
A sweet, caustic substance, multiplying
Beyond the ambits of control.

It will subvert my power
With a force like a revolution
Or a curious child.